VAT refund after real property construction in Hungary (5% or 27%?)

Almost everyone’s dream is to  buy or build their own house, but as the legislation constantly changes it is difficult to see how much VAT (value added tax) we will have to pay when we commit ourselves to make our dreams come true. Our aim with this article is to show the way in the […]


Nowadays as a result of globalization people are no longer just migrating to larger cities, but often moving to another country or continent to start a new life. An essential condition for it is creating the right home, which requires renting or buying real estate as a first step. In this article we would like […]

Travelling to Hungary during the epidemic for foreigners

In order to curb the epidemic, from September 1. 2020. the Government of Hungary will once again introduce restrictions for its returning citizens and for foreigners who wishes to enter Hungary. In our article we would like to explain the provisions specially for the foreign citizens. According to the Government Decree No. 408 of 2020. […]