Sale and purchase agreements

In the practice of property law our Law Firm provides wide range of services in the course of various property cases. In case of preparation of sale and purchase agreement we prepare the agreement in a way fully complying with the interests of both party, considering the payment conditions and the property’s specialty. In addition to the conclusion of the sale and purchase agreement there is a possibility to found life interest or mortgage on the property at the same time. If the payment of the purchase price is made by bank loan, our Firm, on the basis of its wide experience, provides advice on the contractual conditions required by banks, so our Clients can be sure that their sale and purchase agreement will be fully accepted by the banks. In addition, our Firm can prepare sale and purchase agreements of agricultural lands as well, and provide advice on queries of ownership limits, pre-emption right, and official approval. Of course we assist our Client in fulfilment of their tax and duty obligations, and we advice on estimation of costs of the transaction.

Gifts, exchange, inheritance, annuity contracts

Besides the sale and purchase agreements our Law Firm can help the Clients in other forms of property transfers as well. After a prior personal consultation our Law Firm can advise to the Clients the form of property transfer fully complies with their interests and will. During the preparation of the agreements we pay special attention to tax and duty rules and we offer such contractual conditions to our Clients, which minimizes the costs of the transaction. Furthermore our Law Firm can represent the Clients before the Land Registry and other authorities during the registration procedures.

Lease agreements

In the course of drafting lease agreements our Law Firm pays special attention to consider both lessor and lessee’s interests and protection of their rights. For the property owners we include guarantees into the contracts with ensure the prompt payment of rent fee, and if the lessee fails to fulfil its obligation, damage the property of commit other breach of contract, lessor can easily and quickly terminate the contract. In order to protect lessee’s rights, the contract save the lessees from unnecessary annoyance from the owner, the unilateral amendments of the lessor (for example the lessor is not entitled to amend the rent fee unilaterally) and in case of termination we ensure that the owner will not be entitled to keep the deposit.

Possession protection

In the field of property law there is always a question: who has the right to possess the property, and what kind of legal actions are available for the protection against the possession offence. Our Law Firm represented its Clients in many possession protection cases, so we can effectively decide if an action qualified as possession offence. In case our Client decides to start possession protection case, we represent him before the notary and if the notary does not solve the legal dispute, we assist our Clients during the civil lawsuit before the competent court.

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