Our Legal Firm acts as legal representative of companies in the field of economic law mainly on the basis of constant legal assignment, within the frame of which we prepare contracts, provide legal advice and represent our client in litigations in connection with economic law. In particular but not limited our Law Firm can prepare articles of association, deed of foundation, statutes, syndicate agreement, works contract and assignment agreement and any other type of agreement necessary during the operation of companies, furthermore we are available any time for providing legal advice in the field of economic law in order to help our clients’ operation.

Liquidation procedure

Liquidation is a procedure in the course of which companies are terminated without legal succession and creditors’ claims are fulfilled. Liquidation procedure can be initiated by any creditor (who has unpaid invoice against the company) or by the company itself as well. The procedure has strict formal conditions and during the preparation of the procedure companies also have to comply with rules which make the initiation of the procedure possible. Our Law Firm has wide experience in initiation and operation of liquidations but in many cases it happens that company’s assets do not cover all debts so creditors have to enforce it in other way. In such case if all legal conditions are fulfilled, litigation against companies’ managing director can be started on the basis of Section 33/A of Bankruptcy Act. During this procedure managing directors, whose action resulted the insolvency of the company, can be forced to fulfil claims of creditors of the company.

Representation in litigations of company law

During the operation of companies such situation might arise, when company and its member have disputes which can be solved only by legal procedure. Most common cases when a company’s resolution need to be challenged, in which case the court can declare it ineffective, or any member of the company acts against the law and the articles of association, in such cases court can dispossess the member from membership. Members qualified in economic law of our Law Firm successfully represent our client in such litigations, in addition we provide legal representation in other kind of procedures such as claim for repeal of Court of Registration’s resolution, claim for declaration of invalidity or ineffectiveness of deed of foundation of the company or claim in connection with company acquisitions.

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