Preparation of criminal complaint

Thanks to the professional experience of our members in economic law we have wide experience primarily in the field of economic crimes. Within the frame of legal advice our Law Firm helps its Clients to make reasonable decision on submission of a criminal complaint, and we provide detailed information on the steps of a criminal procedure. Our Law Firm can prepare criminal complaint by representing the injured party’s interests, in addition we keep in touch continuously with the investigating authorities in order to support the effectiveness of the investigation.

Victim’s representation

Usually victims’ rights are not well-represented during the criminal procedure, since victims are not often aware of their rights and the way how they can participate in the procedure. Victims are entitled to present in many procedural events (for instance on-the-spot visit, evidence attempt, hearing of witnesses etc.), and they have the right to make proposals and remarks in every part of the procedure. Our purpose is to act as effective legal representative of the victims during the criminal procedure, within this frame we present on various procedural events, represent victims’ rights on the trial and furthermore we make such proposals (witness hearings, site inspection etc.) which can help the success of the investigation and the detection of crime.

Civil law claim

In the criminal procedure victims have the right to claim the compensation of damages occurred by commitment of crime. In order to enforce their right this claim can be included in the criminal complaint and victims are entitled to claim for taking protective measures as well, for example criminal attachment. Our Law Firm provide effective help in drawing up and submission of a civil law claim, furthermore, in order to support the future fulfilment of the claim we propose seizure of assets and other protective measures. In case the court accepts the civil law claim, our Law Firm can help in execution of the claim.

Legal support for witnesses

Legal support for witnesses Witnesses of a criminal procedure has the right to have a legal representative, who can advise on their rights and protect them during the hearing. In the witness or its relative also affected by the crime or there is a risk of being charged with the commitment of the crime, it is necessary to assign a legal representative during the witness hearing. The lawyer can forewarn of the witness, if a question was taken, answer for it can be refused or is not obligatory. Our Law Firm can act as witness representative effectively before the investigative authorities and before the court as well.

Criminal defence

Our Law Firm provides criminal defence as well in various criminal cases. By acting as a defender we prepare the suspect for the possible outcome of the procedure, we consult on defence tactics and we keep in touch with the authorities. Besides we are in contact with our Clients as well, we inform them on the state of the procedure and we make the necessary proposals. In the course of the defence we do our best endeavours to reach the court judgment most acceptable for our Clients.

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